The Michigan Montessori Society strives to conduct two educational workshops each year. Traditionally, these are scheduled on the first Saturday of November and the second Saturday of March. However, the specific dates are set each year according to the availability of the guest speakers. The workshops are designed to meet the needs of both teachers and parents.

Upcoming Workshops

Fall 2017

Date: Saturday November 4, 2017 Full Day Workshop
Speaker: Una Barry
Topic: Relationships in the Montessori Environment
Location: Henry Ford College
Download handouts: Una Barry: Relationships in the Montessori Environment.

Spring 2018 - Best Practices in Montessori

Date: Saturday, March 10, 2018
Speaker: Toko Blais Odorczuk
Topic: Transitions
Location: Weber’s Inn Ann Arbor
Workshop Info:Navigating transitions is an important life-long skill. In schools, time of transition can create stress and anxiety for the child, their family, and the teacher(s). Preparation for necessary change allows the process to become clear, manageable, and many times even enjoyable.

This workshop will explore the many transitions the child, and consequently their family, experience over the course of their childhood and how we manage these transitions, through preparation of the environment and ourselves (as teachers and administrators).